LightSaber Internet

  • CommonWebDown

Common WebSite Downloader. This library will locate the high-resolution images on webpages of popular websites like:, Pexels,

  • Download

Download a file from the Internet

  • DownloadThread

Download a file from the Internet without blocking the GUI

  • Email

Function for working with email addresses (like email validation)

  • EmailSender

Universal ‘SendMail’ function

  • Html

Simple HTML Parsing

  • HtmlImg

Simple HTML Parsing. Specialized in extracting images from a webpage

  • HtmlWriter

Basic objects that allow us to enter miscellaneous HTML fields such as keywords, title, and body text and generate an HTML file out of it.

  • Internet

URL utils / URL parsing and validation

  • Updater

Automatic program Updater & News announcer. Checks if a new version is available online.

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