My Delphi tools

  • DUT – Delphi utilities
  • Spell checker DFM
  • Universal Uninstaller
  • WinExplorer starter
  • Digger – Find control under mouse
  • FileLocker
  • Find In Files – Advanced search in text files
  • Fix Enters tools

DUT – A set of tools that help you with your Delphi code:

  • Upgrade code from 32 to 64 bit (invalid pointer casts, etc).
  • Format your code.
  • Detect English spelling issues in DFM files.
  • Fix the CanFocus/SetFocus at batch.
  • Fix swallowed exceptions.
  • Find all classes that implement an interface.
  • Color picker.
  • Fix the broken CRLF.
  • Convert PAS files from ANSI to UTF8 and back.
  • etc

More download links will be added soon.

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