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My CV – Full stack senior Delphi software engineer

I am a senior software engineer, with more than 20 years of work experience in IT (software and hardware). I currently live near Berlin, with my wife and my son. I have a degree in applied electronics and a master in software engineering (University of Liverpool). My main strength is the Delphi language.  


Hands-on skills


Delphi, Lazarus, C++ Builder, GUI design

Web technologies

Web: HTML/ CSS web design, Intraweb, WebAudio API, JS, Flash, PHP
Distributed computing (Hadoop), Lazarus on Linux
Raster & 3D graphic design (Paint Shop Pro/Bryce 3D/Poser/Unreal 3D Engine)


Analog and digital electronics, Arduino, 8-bit assembly language for Z80, 8051 & other micro-controllers
Excellent understanding of computer inner working (at hardware level: BIOS, bus signals, CPU architecture, I/O controllers, etc)


Advanced bioinformatics knowledge, medical audiology and audio perceptions algorithms


Over 15 years of experience with E-commerce (including SEO, online sales, advertisement design, marketing strategies, customer interaction)

My company

In 2008 I co-founded a bioinformatics-oriented company, specialized in the development of software solutions for the molecular biology field. The flagship product is cited in thousands of scientific articles1 and 200 books/patents. The software was sold all over the world and it is used by renowned universities, research institutes, hospitals or government bodies.

As programming is both my work and my pleasure, during the years I have developed other famous tools for general-market such as BioniX Wallpaper (high impact – about 1000 downloads per day).  



Senior software architect (automation & robotics, drivers for medical devices), Independent software consultant (Delphi), PC hardware architecture design. Request full CV.  


Publications in peer-reviewed journals

Concepts and software for a rational design of DNA polynucleotide probes 2 – Env. Microbiology Reports  


Publications & Projects

Building GUI applications in no time (ISBN: B07ZXKVD2D)
Delphi in all its might (to be released in 2023)
GitHub projects

Spoken languages

English, Spanish, Romanian, German

Education and training

M.Sc. – Software Engineering – University of Liverpool, UK. Qualifications obtained: M.Sc. in IT. Graduated with “Outstanding” merit. Diplomat Engineer in Applied Electronics Engineering Faculty of Electronic Engineering



Home office 
Flexible time
35 holiday days


* Google Scholar – DNA Baser Sequence Assembler citations
* Concepts and software for a rational design of polynucleotide probes. Environmental Microbiology Reports, 69-78. Moraru, Fuchs, B.M, and Amann, (2011)
* StackOverflow 20K reputation – My profile is listed in “Top Delphi answers” (Top 2%)
* Github.com/GabrielOnDelphi 

StackOverflow reputation in “Delphi” section


Full CV

If you are an employer, and you are interested in my full CV, you can provide me the link to your job offer (wherever it is listed) and invite me to apply to it.

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