Stormy Website Builder

 A lightweight alternative for Joomla/WordPress CMS.


Stormy Website Builder is a free, easy to use website builder and content editor. It comes with full support for SEO, Google Analytics, Google AdSense, EU cookie law, etc.

This entire web site (all you see here: pages, page content, images, links, menus, etc) was created in Stormy Website Builder in full WYSIWYG mode in about 6 minutes.



Today’s CMS systems (Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, etc) addresses mainly to enterprise-class web administrators. These CMS tools are nice but they are designed to the “elite”. In order to run it, you need a POWERFUL server and impressive knowledge about Apache/htaccess, PHP, MySQL, Linux, server security, etc. 

Stormy Website Builder also addresses to the more ‘light’ categories: small business, individuals that want a hobby web site, individual web designers, etc.
Virtually, all you need to have your website published in 5 minutes from now on is a puny free web host account.

Hobby or enterprise, this program will work for you as long as you don’t need multiple content editors. But this might be fixed in the future also. 
Stormy Website builder tries to deliver the same functionality as Joomla but with WAY WAY less hassle.


This small tutorial will show you how to create in under 1 minute your web site with Stormy Website Builder.

Fully functional program: free to use

Delphi source code: $3000

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