Heracle BioSoft S.R.L.

In 2008 I co-founded a bioinformatics-oriented company, Heracle Biosoft SRL, specialized in the development of software solutions for the molecular biology field. The company offers over 20 bioinformatics products. The flagship product, DNA Baser Sequence Assembler is cited in thousands of scientific articles1 and over 200 books/patents.

The software was sold all over the world and it is used by renowned universities, research institutes, hospitals or government bodies such as FDA (USA Food and Drug Administration) USA Army, Applied Biosystems Corp, Harvard University, etc.

  • DNA Baser – Automatic sequence assembler
    Flagship product
    DNA Sequence Assembler is revolutionary bioinformatics software for automatic DNA sequence assembly , DNA sequence analysis, contig editing, file format conversion and mutation detection. It is the only tool on the market that can accurately perform the entire DNA sequence assembly process without human intervention!
  • NextGen Sequence Workbench
    NextGen Sequence Workbench is an efficient and easy to use FastQ/SFF file viewer, editor and converter. NextGen Sequence Workbench is the first and only complete FastQ/SFF editor with graphic interface on the entire bioinformatics market! With this tool we wanted to help the biologists to concentrate on their work instead of wasting time poking commands in an obscure text console. The program is able to open huge FastQ/SFF files even when running o a modest computer.
  • Fasta Sequence Dereplicator is a Windows tool that allows you to dereplicate your sequences via sequence clustering based on CD-HIT. CD-HIT is a bioinformatics tool for clustering and comparing protein or nucleotide sequences (FASTA). CD-HIT was originally developed by Dr. Weizhong Li.
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