My Delphi code

Delphi general-purpose libraries


  • Delphi Light Saber
    A collection of useful functions (system, graphics, i/o, internet, gui, etc) and visual controls. More than 15 years of development have been put into this library.
    A light-weight alternative to Jedi library.


  • Hardware ID Extractor
    Extract data about your computer’s hardware (CPU, HDD, RAM, main board, video BIOS), including unique hardware identification numbers. The data is extracted via low level functions DIRECTLY from computer’s hardware. This means that the data cannot be faked!


  • Proteus
    A licensing system that helps you monetize your Delphi applications.
    Convert your application to a commercial program that you can deliver as a trial/shareware. Only one line of code required!


  • Save GUI state to disk
    Do you have forms with lots of controls (checkboxes, radio buttons, etc) and you want to save their status to disk on shutdown and resume the program (GUI) exactly from where you left on application startup? You can do it with a single call to: SaveForm/LoadForm.


Delphi graphics libraries


  • Image recognition library
    Detect if a small image (pattern) is present in a big image (main image). The algorithm allows for some variations, so the pattern would be found even if it were slightly rotated or resized.




Delphi BioInformatics Libraries


A bunch of libraries for DNA sequence assembly and DNA sequence conversion and analyses. Supports Fasta, SCF, ABI and other popular Sanger file formats.


Delphi full programs



  • POS
    Point of sales system for hotels and restaurants


Tools for Delphi (freeware)


  • DUT – Delphi UTilities
    Upgrades code from 32 to 64 bit (invalid pointer casts, etc), detect English spelling issues in DFM files, fix swallowed exceptions, find all classes that implement an interface, convert PAS files from ANSI to UTF8 and back, etc.



General purpose tools (freeware)



  • Keep It Alive
    Make sure a program is never closed. Checks if a program is running. If not it will start that program.


  • Is PC Running?
    A simple program that tells you at which hour your PC went down (because of misc reasons: power failure, sleep, reboot, etc)


  • DOS Delay
    This is a console program that will execute a delay.


  • CPU Overload
    Makes the specified core(s) of your CPU to work at maximum speed. Purposes: stress test of your CPU, thermal overload, stability test, programming tests, etc.

More download links will be added soon.

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