Hardware ID Extractor

The Hardware ID Extractor is a library for programmers. It offers functions that extract data about your computer’s hardware (CPU, HDD, RAM, main board, video BIOS), including unique hardware identification numbers. The data is extracted via low level functions DIRECTLY from computer’s hardware. This means that the data cannot be faked!

The DLL is ideal for creating highly reliable protections schemes for your application. Source code, compiled DLL and demo application are available.

Key features

  • Easily obtains unique computer fingerprint based on unique hardware serial numbers
  • Helps you to build protections systems (for example trial software) and banning systems (gaming)
  • Support .NET, Win32 and Microsoft VBA programming languages
  • Supports all Microsoft operating systems, from Windows 95 to Windows Vista and Window 7
  • It has no dependencies on other system components/libraries
  • No installation required
  • Free upgrades for life

Programming languages supported

The DLL provided was compiled using the standard calling convention (StdCall). Therefore, it is compatible with all modern programming languages such as C Builder, Visual C (basically all strains of C/C++), Visual Basic, Liberty Basic, Visual Fox Pro, Delphi, Lazarus, Free Pascal, PowerBuilder, Clarion, Visual Studio (C#, VB). The DLL also supports Microsoft VBA powered languages such as Word, PowerPoint 2000, 2003, 2007, Excel, Access or other scripted languages. Click here to see how to call the DLL from your language.

You can purchase the DLL here. Please contact me if you want to purchase the source code.

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