My Code & Publications

Building GUI applications in no time (2021)


This book is for those who are not really in touch with the GUI world, mostly Linux C/++ programmers.
Its purpose is to demonstrate that doing GUIs is not that difficult.

Delphi in all its glory (2023)

ISBN: 9798387412141

This book teaches the Delphi language, then goes into more advanced topics (clean programming, debugging, etc).

Find the book on:

Details about this book here.

Delphi in all its glory – Part 2 (2024)

To be released March 2024.

My libraries

You can find some of my Delphi libraries of GitHub. More to be published.

Some of them are also available with Delphi via GetIt.

Scientific publications

Google Scholar – DNA Baser Sequence Assembler citations
Concepts and software for a rational design of polynucleotide probes. Environmental Microbiology Reports, 69-78. Moraru, Fuchs, B.M, and Amann, (2011)

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