Hi there.

I am Gabriel. I am a senior software engineer, with more than 20 years of work experience in IT (software and hardware).
I currently live in Germany, with my wife and my son. I have a degree (“Diplom-Ingenieur“) in applied electronics and a master in software engineering (University of Liverpool).

I worked with many programming languages, but Delphi is “home” for me. I started in 1992 with Basic on a Z80 computer. Pascal followed in 1995 and kept using Delphi until today (Delphi 11). I try to stay on top of the language. I probably ready every Delphi book out there.
I wrote over 90 visual components (VCL) and quite a bunch of libraries – some of them distributed with Delphi (GetIt). My personal general-purpose library consists in about 400 files.
I am interested in low level code, binary files, speed optimizations, memory management, safer code, etc



Note: I just set up this website a few days ago. More content will come soon.





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