Hi there.


I’m Gabriel, a seasoned software engineer based in EU with over two decades of hands-on experience in both software and hardware. I have a bachelor degree in applied electronics and a Master of Science in Engineering at the University of Liverpool.

I’ve embarked on a fascinating journey through the ever-evolving programming landscape. My programming odyssey began in 1992 when I put my hands on a Z80 computer. Since then, I’ve traversed multiple programming languages, but Delphi has always been my cherished “home.” Pascal followed in 1995 and I kept using Delphi until today (Delphi 11). I try to stay on top of the language.


I am interested in all the nitty-gritty aspects of low-level coding, binary files, speed optimizations, memory management, etc.
I am adept of clean, secure and modular code, with zero global variables, zero compiler hints/warnings, zero memory leaks. I develop my own software products under the CI/CD philosophy.
And I am a FreeAndNil-er 🙂


I wrote over 100 visual components (VCL) and quite a bunch of libraries. One of them, the general-purpose Light Saber library, consists of about 300 files and it is distributed with Delphi (via GetIt). The latest addition is an image recognition library, the only one of this kind for Delphi.


Also, in the last years I released three Delphi books, but I won’t stop to three.

In the free time I build electronic projects with my son, read science fiction, science news and listen to my music.



Recent blogs:

  • How to debug your VCL components

    The Delphi in all its glory book shows that at design time the IDE is the host of all visual components on our forms. If a single control misbehaves at design time it might take down the whole IDE. In most cases this happens while we drag and drop such components from Components Palette on…

  • News: The “Delphi in all its glory [Part 1]” book

    “Delphi in all its glory – Delphi for more than mere programmers” (ISBN:9798387412141) was released on time (March 2023) as promised. This is the first book in the series. You can find the printed book on your local Amazon (Amazon.com, Amazon.de, etc) or in electronic format. The source code for the example used in the…

  • SetFocus is broken in Delphi

    SetFocus is broken in Delphi. Has been since v1 and there are no signs that it will be fixed soon. What does it mean, broken? Do I really have to explain it? We all know. Try to set focus on a visual control that is disabled or is invisible or simply is not focusable, and…

  • Open source software licenses are complicated

    Here is a summary (extracted from Wikipedia) of the most popular software open source license. License Latest ver Linking Distribution Modification Patent grant Private use Sublicensing TM grant Apache License 2.0 Permissive Permissive Permissive Yes Yes Permissive No BSD License 3.0 Permissive Permissive Permissive[ Manually Yes Permissive Manually Creative Commons Zero 1.0 Public Domain Public…

  • Upgrading to Delphi, over the years

    I wanted to keep track of my Delphi upgrades over the years. Hope people will learn from this. I tried also to keep track of the Delphi jobs in Germany over the years. They seem to be decreasing. Trying to upgrade to Delphi 2010 Unless support for Unicode is badly needed, staying with Delphi 7…

  • When company does not want to spend money for training… they spend more money for fixing

    Two weeks ago, a buggy project landed in my hands, to repair. The bug report was really unclear – it was just stated a piece of code that was supposed to upload some Json files to the Azure cloud was not working on some PCs. The code was something like this – well actually was…





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