Delphi Float Spin Edit

TFloatSpinEdit – Allows user to enter a float number and increase/decrease its value (via spin buttons) or manually edit it.

Delphi Float Spin Edit

Class properties:
      Minimum    – same as TSpinEdit
      Maximum    – same as TSpinEdit
      Value      – same as TSpinEdit
      Increment  – same as TSpinEdit
      Decimals   – number fo decimals to show in control


  • Single pas file
  • No dependencies
  • No other external files required
  • Works with all Delphi editions
  • Real2Str library  – converts real number to ‘nice’ string

Purchase the source code for $19. Code & comments: 480 Lines (11.3KB)

See it in action here

Delphi Float Spin Edit
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