News: The “Delphi in all its glory [Part 1]” book

“Delphi in all its glory – Delphi for more than mere programmers” (ISBN:9798387412141) was released on time (March 2023) as promised.

This is the first book in the series.

You can find the printed book on your local Amazon (,, etc) or in electronic format.

The first book in the “Delphi in all its glory” trilogy concentrates on the exploration of the Delphi language. Whether you're a curious novice venturing into the world of coding for the first time or already the user of a different programming language, this book is your gateway to Delphi coding. Even if you are a Delphi programmer, you could still learn a few tricks (especially things related to code-safety) from the that book. The book is also perfect for old-school Pascal programmers that were always afraid to switch to objects. The second book addresses the more seasoned developers aiming to enhance their craft. It focuses on the more advanced topics, such as 64-bit code upgrade, compiler and debugger inner working, speed improvements, memory management, proper exception handling, architecture design and code-safety in general. This third book goes deep into the inner working of Delphi’s library system. I will concentrate more on how libraries are useful to organize your code, how to set up your own library system and how libraries can dramatically increase your compilation speed. Building custom visual components will not be in focus, even though we will have a chapter and some code about that. I intend to expand the book to cover more of that. There will also be a chapter about how I turned a personal library called Proteus into a successful commercial product. By purchasing that book, you will get access to the code of that library. If you have never worked with Delphi, the second and third book is NOT for you! Please read the first book, then return to this one to complete your skills.

The source code for the example used in the book can be found on GitHub.

Use the comments section below if you have any comments about the book. They are MORE THAN WELCOME!


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  2. Just an FYI. In your discussion of signed and unsigned integers it appears you crossed them up on the bottom of page 116.
    The summary in the table on page 117 however is correct.

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